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This blog serves as a forum for posts about Dusk Peterson's leather stories and nonfiction (including nonfiction sites on leather magazines and books, leather history, leather spirituality, and John Preston). In addition, notices of updates to Peterson's leather Websites are posted here, as well as notices of upcoming books in print.

Dusk Peterson is editor of True Tales: An Erotic E-zine of Masculinity and Power and was a 2006 regional nominee of The Leather Journal's Pantheon of Leather community service awards.

This blog links to fictional stories and does not advocate any illegal activities.


Please don't Friend this journal. Instead, I now have a new blog. Although it's located at InsaneJournal, you can watch it on your LiveJournal Friends page. I'm continuing to post notices of my fiction there (including my gay leather stories and gay DS fantasy stories), as well as entries about my everyday life.

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